HAUL Underwear come in a variety of 4 colors, the classics are black, white, navy and red. To be fair, you won’t go wrong with any of them.

Black underwear is undoubtedly the most popular color, and the black boxer probably accounts for more pants sold than most of the other styles put together.

White is very clean and simple and give off the David Gandy look in that famous commercial in his white briefs.

Navy underwear, or blue, is the perfect way to introduce a bit of color to your underwear collection. It also adds a nice bit of personality to your pants. Navy blue can flatter and enhance in a way black never can.

Red underwear You can’t really go wrong. In a pair of striking red undies which say’s you’re confident and bold when changing in the gym after a sweaty workout and you stand out above everyone or if you’re on the dance floor on a Saturday night hoping they end up on someone’s bedroom floor. The sky is the limit in this color.